Extreme Couponing Abbreviations Guide


Everything I know about couponing I learned from blogs, forums and social media groups. When I first got started, I was overwhelmed at the amount of acronyms and lingo used.

“IQP”. “ECB”. “OOS”. The list goes on (indefinitely).

To help you guys out, I’ve compiled a massive list (over 100!) of couponing abbreviations and acronyms. Hopefully it will help newbies avoid the hours of head-scratching that I had to endure. Print it off, save it to your phone, and go get them diapers!

NOTE: This is a living list. If you have any suggestions for addition, please leave them in the comments section below!


  • $1/1, etc.: Indicates the value of a coupon, $1 off 1 item in this instance but could be any value, $4/2 ($4 off 2 items), $0.75/1 ($0.75 off 1) etc


  • AC: After Coupon
  • AR: After Rebate
  • ASAV: Any Size, Any Variety


  • BOGO, B1G1, B1G1F: Buy One Get One Free
  • BOLO: Be On the Look-Out
  • BRP: “Balance Reward Points”. Rewards points earned at Walgreens drug stores that can be redeemed at the register to pay for the transaction
  • BTFE: Box Tops For Education
  • B&M: Refers to a “brick & mortar” store, as opposed to a store online


  • CAT: Catalina coupons print at the register after your purchase. They can normally be used like cash on your next purchase at that store. However, if the say “manufacturer’s coupon” on them, you should be able to use them at any store, depending on store policy
  • CBAD: Chef Boyardee products
  • CNP: Coupon Near Product
  • CO or C/O: Cents Off
  • CPN: Coupon
  • CQ: Competitor’s Coupon
  • CRT: “Cash Register Tape”. Coupons at the bottom of your receipt
  • CS: Customer Service


  • DND: Do Not Double
  • DH: Dear Husband
  • DIL: Daughter-In-Law
  • DS: Dear Son
  • DQ: “Double Coupon“. A coupon that can be doubled in value


  • EA: Each
  • ECB: Extra Care Bucks at CVS that print on the receipt
  • ETA: Edited To Add
  • ETS: Excludes Trial Size
  • EXP: Expires


  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  • FAR: Free After Rebate
  • FB: Facebook
  • FS: Free Shipping
  • FSOT: For Sale Or Trade


  • GAF or GAB: “Green Advantage Flyer” or “Green Advantage Buy” flyer. Publix’s grocery flyer with sales and coupons (this comes out every 3 weeks, different from the weekly ad)
  • GC: Gift Card/Gift Certificate
  • GDA: Good Deal Alert
  • GM: General Mills


  • HBA: Health and Beauty Aids
  • HT: “Hangtag”. A tag hanging from an item that includes information and/or a coupon
  • HTH: Hope That Helps


  • IA: Coupons that come in the weekly store ad, most likely found by the entrance of that particular store
  • IG: Instagram
  • IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
  • IVC: Instant Value Coupon at Walgreens, found in the monthly EasySaver booklet
  • IPQ or IP: Internet Printable Coupon


  • JFY: “Just for you”. The Safeway coupon offers for card holders, tied to their accounts, that they can load to their card for extra discounts at the register. Second, this stands for the CVS “just for you” percent off purchase coupons that members receive via e-mail
  • JMO: Just My Opinion



  • I got nothing – anything suggestions?


  • MCR: “My Coke Rewards”. Enter codes from Coke products on their website in exchange for points to spend on prizes and coupons
  • MF, MFG, MFR: Manufacturer
  • MM: “Money Maker”. The total coupon value credit at the register for a particular item being more than the original cost of the item
  • MQ: Manufacturer’s Coupon
  • MIR: Mail-In Rebate


  • NAZ: Name, Address, Zipcode
  • NED: No Expiration Date
  • NCB: No Cash Back
  • NCR: Not Coupon Related
  • NIB: New In Box
  • NIP: New In Package
  • NLA: No Longer Available
  • NSL/R: No Size Limit/Restrictions
  • NWT: New With Tags
  • NWOT: New Without Tags


  • OOP: Out Of Pocket
  • OOS: Out Of Stock
  • OP: Original Poster- person who started the conversation in a forum or social group
  • OTC: Over The Counter
  • OYNO: On Your Next Order
  • OYNP: On Your Next Purchase


  • P&G: Proctor & Gamble coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper
  • PM: “Price Match”. One store reducing the sale price of an item or items to match the lower price you found at another store
  • POP: “Proof of Purchase”. Bar code located on the product
  • PP: Purchase Price or Paypal, depending on context
  • PPFF: Paypal Friends and Family- this method of payment in Paypal does not charge additional fees to the sender or receiver, unlike payment to a seller for goods which charges the seller a fee
  • PSA: Prices Starting At


  • Q: Coupon


  • RC: “Rain Check”. Signed slip from store allowing an item to be purchased at sale prices in the future when item is no longer on sale. It is received from the store when the particular sale item is sold out at the time of your visit
  • RP: “Red Plum” coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper
  • RR: “Register Rewards” at Walgreens, which print with receipt


  • SASE: Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
  • SCO: “Self Check Out”. Special register in-store where the customer scans, bags, and pays without a cashier
  • SCR: Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid)
  • SMP: Specially Marked Package
  • SS: Smart Source coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper
  • SQ: Store Coupon


  • TMF : Try Me Free
  • TY: Thank You


  • UFT: Up for trade, used by someone wanting to trade specific coupons they have for some they desire
  • UPC: “Universal Product Code” (bar code)
  • UPR: “Up Rewards”. A coupon you can earn on your register receipt at Rite Aid


  • WAGS: Short for Walgreens Pharmacy Store
  • WSL: While Supplies Last
  • WT: “Winetag”. A coupon hanging on the package of a product
  • WYB: When You Buy


  • I got nothing – anything suggestions?


  • V: “Valassis coupon” insert found in Sunday newspaper
  • VV: “Video Value”. Printable Rite Aid coupon that becomes available for you to print after watching a short video about products


  • YMMV: “Your Mileage May Vary”. Depending on various factors, you may or not be successful with said deal
  • YW: You’re Welcome


  • I got nothing – anything suggestions?

Whew – that’s all I’ve got.

As previously mentioned, this is a living list. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll add them.